Class Based Affirmative Action Essay

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A class-based system would help eliminate the race factor that goes along with the current affirmative action. In addition, it would diminish the perception that minorities are given unearned admission. I too agree with this change, as many of my friends believe that I have received the scholarships I have and gained entry into certain schools simply because of my race. If this change in the current affirmative action mandate were to take place it would alter their beliefs and they would realize that not only did I deserve those scholarships but I also needed them.
The University of Texas has made way in class-based affirmative action by creating a non-race based affirmative action model known as the Top Ten Model. This model guarantees
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Affirmative action is the only assurance minorities have so that they are given a fair chance in both educational and career fields. It has broken down racial and gender discrimination barriers and has helped many enter fields that were not always “for them.” All in all, it levels the playing field and eliminates segregation.
The United States is not the only country that practices affirmative action. Countries such as Australia, Malaysia, India, South America, and Brazil, do as well. Brazil’s former education minister, Paulo Renato Souza, has called for an end to affirmative action, as he believes it distracts citizens away from the real problem: poor Brazilians. Malaysia’s government has also considered dumping their policy, as it favors the majorities and leaves out business and academic opportunities for the labor class. India has begun changing its affirmative action policies from a caste-based system to an income level and class-based policy after having one on of the longest affirmative action policies in place since their independence in 1947. Countries are most certainly starting to realize that a policy might have to be upheld based on class to insure all their citizens are treated equally.
As for me, I could not imagine attending a school without people of other races. Coming from a county where no one really cares what the color of your skin is, I was

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