Christianity's Influence on the Vikings Essay examples

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Christianity's Influence on the Vikings

When I think of the words that describes Vikings I think of barbaric, having no mercy, and great explores. Words that describe a Christian to me are trustworthy, considerate, helpful, and peaceful. The descriptions of words I described for Vikings and Christians have basically opposite meanings. As the Vikings gradually became Christians they started to dramatically change their culture. So as Christianity was implemented on the Vikings they became more civilized. The Vikings gradually picked up Christianity influences throughout their existence but my question is did it play a key role in the down fall of the Vikings?

The Viking era existed from 800 AD to 1200 AD and during 1000 AD
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Odin also helped influenced the Vikings going to war bravely, with the belief that
Odin would be grateful if a Viking warrior died during battle (Henkin ). The Nordic god Thor was known to travel the world in adventure finding monsters and giants to kill (“The Pagan Library”). Thor was also looked from the Vikings as simple in purpose, strong and free(The Pagan Library). This meant to the Vikings that they can accomplish anything no matter who they are. According to an Online site called “The Pagan Library” stories of Thor adventures encouraged the Viking to travel the world in seeking for adventure (“The Pagan Library”). Frey is the goddess of peace and fertility (“The Pagan Library”). Vikings are often perceived as merciless, inconsiderate of other culture, and quite frequently violent. The Vikings were afraid if they didn’t fight for a good reason then they would be punished by Frey for not attempting to be peaceful. An example of the Vikings being tolerant of other culture is when they raided European countries and conquered them, they didn’t press their religious beliefs on the conquered country (Roesdahl and Wilson 88). The Vikings were mostly interested in gaining money and trade when they conquered other territories. Christianity was heavily influenced on the Vikings through raids of Europe.

As the Vikings began to live in Europe they were surrounded by a culture that practiced Christianity. The Vikings were friendly with Christianity and never

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