Christian Coaching: Helping Others Turn Potential into Reality

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Gary Collins, a Christian counselor, helps individuals to comprehend their full potential using a God-centered way of coaching. He believes that, through coaching, an individual builds up a vision for their life and a desire for a good future. The book aids coaches to acquire skills that they require to help others, to emerge winners during difficult and challenging moments in their life. The book is also designed to develop Christian coaches’ in questioning, listening and responding. These can help Christian coaches to assess themselves and build up a strategy for their work. Collins rewrote the second edition in order to simplify his coaching methods. The second publication develops his practical skills as a new head in the world that is …show more content…
He clarifies on how to identify values. He says that values are foundational beliefs that secure our lives, the most important things in life, and the characteristics that are not negotiated in which reflects on whom we are. They include ambition, elegance, honesty, joy and loyalty.

The book also shows how to evaluate the spiritual gifts and their purposes. Collins encourages prayer for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. These spiritual gifts involve administration, faith, hospitality, mercy and evangelism among others. The first approach on how to evaluate the spiritual gift is the inventory approach (Collins, 2009). It involves taking single standardized spiritual gift inventory, which are present in Christian Bookstores. The other method is the checklist approach. This involves making three copies of the spiritual gift list. A person should go through the list, and check on the words that best describe them.
Dr. Collins demonstrates how to clarify the mission statement. He says that one has to pray on the calling and mission. You should ask God on His objective to your life. He lists various examples of times in life when you realized that you were on purpose. After that, you should look on the themes that you have listed and compare the statement. Finally, an individual is expected to list his basics of key values, passion, strength, personal behaviors, worldview and spiritual gifts

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