China's Tight Control Over Tibet Essay

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What most people do not know is that Tibet is not plagued by disease, war or famine. Rather, Tibet is consumed by China's authoritative polices and strict no religion rules. China looms over Tibet with their iron fist, punishing anyone who crosses China's word. Basically, China manages to find ways to attack Tibet directly and indirectly with communism by making sure to pass unjust laws and policies that are sure to affect those that China does not favor. According to "China Sentences Two Monks for Offering Prayers for Tibetan Self-Immolator." , China forbids Tibet to practice their religion. This means that any religion, even the peaceful ones such as Buddhism, are punishable if practiced in Tibet. Even supporting a religion would not be …show more content…
In many countries, collecting donations and coordinating prayer service would be an everyday occurrence and generally looked upon as a positive thing. However, in China, the Chinese government responded with harsher and stricter polices on religion ("China Sentences...). This translates to China believing religion is a bad thing no matter how peaceful or helpful it is to the community. Instead of helping religions prosper and helping followers of peaceful religions, China decides to make it harder to practice or follow religion. Monks like those who were found guilty of coordinating prayer service and collecting donations would be heavily punished for small actions that would bring harm to no one. Those monks and followers are from the Bido Monastery as specified by ("China Sentences...). In Tibet, Tibetans are getting their rights abused. Rights that every born human being should have are being threatened in Tibet and nobody is doing anything to stop this injustice or help these victims. As it stands, China shows what a government is capable of doing to its citizens and people are idling as China does what it wants. Described by Sophie Richardson, Chinese police are using computers to track down Tibetans and then use the information they gathered for intrusive home invasions (Richardson). Basically, this means that the no Tibetan lives a private life. It also implies that at the will of the Chinese government, they could look up any

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