Children Should be Taught About the Consequences of War Essay

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American children should be educated more about the psychological trauma that co-exists with foreign wars. The violence of the war spreads though the nation, having a major affect on the children. Children are more vulnerable to suffering from parental psychological problems. Since children are inherently dependent on their parents that makes them vulnerable to suffering from the same problems that they see in their parents. Studies have shown that children with parents that served in the military have a higher risk of undergoing child abuse. American children should understand the costs of war and its consequences both in the emotional effects of physical costs of war and in the financial burden that comes with physical …show more content…
Dr. Gregory K Fritz advocates that children of veterans should receive mental health care “[They] are at a heightened risk of developing PTSD” (8).
When they return from combat the soldiers are on high alert which in the long run affects children and society because, they cannot everyday life anymore. Parents with PTSD cannot handle showing emotion of any kind since they do not want to feel pain but by doing so children feel that they are no longer loved by their parents. The emotional toll is too much for these war veterans coming home they do not deal well in being in highly populated areas no longer being able to trust. It is not only stress for the war veterans to attempt to live their lives but for anyone living with them can also be stress since they can also be dealing with domestic violence. The cost of having to deal with PTSD and or other emotion problems take a toll on the veterans not wanting to admit to needing help. Military suicides are a growing problem in the United States; they are predicting three hundred suicides in 2012 in which surpass the civilian rate. Most of these suicides are committed by Caucasian males between the ages of 18 to 24. Today, military suicides occur at a staggering eighty-three percent and continue to grow every day. Since the military is trained to kill, they do not give it a second thought when it comes to taking their life. Only thirty-four percent had informed

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