Childhood Obesity Essay

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Diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and obesity are all health issues of concern to children in the United States today. These illnesses that previously had been limited to the adult population now plague America’s youth. A contributing factor to such serious illnesses is a skewed view of nutrition. Children in the United States are starved in a different way than children of third world countries. American children are starved of the proper nutrients and whole foods that are the cornerstone of good health. To eliminate these illnesses, children and their parents need to be better educated on healthy eating habits. Nutrition can stop, reverse or prevent the development of illness and decrease medical costs. An examination of …show more content…
There is an increased risk for developing impaired glucose tolerance, insulin resistance and ultimately type II diabetes (CDC). Childhood obesity is also related to sleep apnea, asthma, joint discomfort, fatty liver disease, gallstones, and heartburn (CDC). With numerous health problems overweight and obese children have more absences than children with a healthy weight (Children’s Defense Fund, 2012). Not only do overweight and obese children suffer physical complications but they also endure psychosocial troubles (CDC). These can include low self-esteem, psychological difficulties, and discrimination by others due to their weight (CDC). Having poor self-esteem has been associated with less friends, depression, and reduced academic outcomes in school (Children’s Defense Fund). These are issues that can continue to affect the children well into adulthood causing permanent psychological scars. The physical problems become multiplied in adulthood leading to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes (CDC). Even grimmer is a decrease in overall life expectancy of two to five years for children who are obese (Hellmich, 2011). Obesity is the result of a high caloric intake and a low caloric expenditure leading to an overall weight gain (CDC). Therefore the

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