Changes in Britain between 1750-1900 Essay

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Changes in Britain between 1750-1900

There were many changes in Britain between 1750-1900.These changes included; Population, Work, Transport, Health, Culture and Politic. This essay will analyse how greater a difference it made throughout the years in detail. One of the biggest changes were population.

Population changed dramatically. In 1750 the total population was about 11 million. Many babies died before their first birthday. The annual death rate was 28 deaths per 1000 people. In 1825 the total population was about 21 million. Many babies stilled died in their first year of life but families were very large. The annual death rate was 22 deaths per 1000 people. In 1900 the total population
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Now in 1900 a lot had changed. There had been Anaesthetics and antiseptics, which were developed, which made more complicated operations possible. Local councils began to improve water supplies and sewers to improve the health of people in town. A man named Louise Pasteur had discovered that germs caused disease this led to vaccinations being for diphtheria and other diseases. There were also important changes to the nature of work.

There was now a massive change in work because in 1750 the most important industry was farming-food, wool and production. All industries were a small scale and manufacturing was done in people’s homes, or in workshops attached to their homes. Power to make machines work was provided by water wheels, by horse, or by human hands or feet. Steam power was used to pumped water from some mines. But in 1825 many people still worked in small workshops, but some industries were now based in factories, where the machines were driven by steam engines. The cotton industry was now bigger and more important than the wool industry. Since 1750 coal production had tripled, and iron production had increased by ten times. Farmers were growing more food than in 1750. Common grazing land or wasteland in many

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