Carvaggio adn the Renaissance Period Essay

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This paper argues whether or not Caravaggio was a true renaissance artist, giving details on his life, artwork, and an analysis on the renaissance time period. I believe that Caravaggio was a true renaissance artist. He used the same techniques as other renaissance artist. He also painted realism and humanistic into his paintings. Caravaggio was born September 29, 1571 in Milan, Italy.(Caravaggio The Complete Work) By the age 11 Caravaggio was consider an orphan. The bubonic plague came through his life killing almost everyone in his family.( The bubonic plague is a disease that makes your skin to turn black where it was only red at first . The plague causes fever and painful swelling of lymph glands. Later in his life, he …show more content…
Some articles report it was over a tennis match others report it was over a woman. (The New York Times) After Caravaggio fled Rome, He went to the island of Malta an independent sovereignty and home of the knights. Caravaggio became a knight there to try to reduce his sentence of the murder charge.(The National Gallery) Two years later, in late August Caravaggio was arrested and imprisoned for the death of Ranuccio Tomassoni. Some articles report that Caravaggio died of mysterious circumstances in Porto Ercole at age 38 on July 18, 1610 , other articles report that Caravaggio died in 1610 at the 39 of malaria. (Caravaggio The Complete Works,The New York Times ) He was almost forgotten immediately after his death.(Caravaggio The Complete Works) Caravaggio was the first and most audacious realist in European Art. (The New York Times) His paintings combine a realistic observation of the human state both emotional and physical.(Caravaggio The Complete Works) He also practiced his painting by by painting posed models. (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) He painted right on to a canvas with not very much preparation. Sometimes he left a disappointed painting and painted new work over the top of it. (The National Gallery) The fortune teller depicts a gypsy girl holding the palm of a young man as she slip a gold ring from his finger. The technique used to paint the fortune teller was oil and the style was baroque. The fortune teller was created in 1596-1597.

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