Carl Sandburg and Robert Frost's Ability to Connect with Poetry Readers

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When you think of poetry what comes to mind? Do you think of the abstract thoughts of Emily Dickinson, the intense illusions of T.S. Elliot, or the vengeful stories of Sylvia Plath? Most people do think of poetry’s complexities and think that it does not relate to them because they cannot understand the meanings of the poetry. On the other side of things, there are poets who write goofy rhymes to make people laugh such as Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein. While it is easy to understand these goofy poems, they do not really relate to real-life. Then there are poets like Carl Sandburg and Robert Frost, who really know how to capture the essence of life. When poets do this, readers can easily relate to what the poets are talking about. …show more content…
We see that these people are proud to live here even though they may live tough lives, and that is the spirit that every American is alleged to have. We are working rigorously to reach our goals and to live life leisurely. This is one of the ways that Sandburg makes a connection with the reader. As many of us are not born into the upper class in society, we are forced to work and to make a life of our own – a life to be proud of. Sandburg uses situational irony and shows us all of the things that the people would not be proud of. He says, “I have seen your painted women under the gas lamps luring the farm boys,” “I have seen the gunman kill and go free to kill again,” and “On the faces of women and children I have seen the marks of wanton hunger.” Sandburg is talking about the prostitutes that seduce good country people, and the men like Al Capone who can kill and go free only to do it again, and the families that go hungry everyday because they cannot afford food to put on the table. We would like to think that these things do not exist but the truth is that they do and the “working class” citizens of Chicago knew that. They took all those bad things and brushed them off because no matter what they still had a life to live. This is where Sandburg capitalizes his connection with the reader: everyone knows that if bad things happen around us we can pick ourselves back up and keep going on, and that has happened at one point for every person in

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