Caravaggio Essay

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Micheangelo Merisi da Caravaggio was the son of Fermo di Bernardino Merisi and Lucia Aratori. Caravaggio lost his father, who passed away when he was eleven years old along with his, 3 other siblings. When Caravaggio was 12, he was appointed to Milanese Painter, Surano Peterzano. During this internship, he learned basic techniques, such as selecting brushes, mixing paints, and how to build frames. During this time, he learned the Lombard and Venezian style. Around 1588 to 1592, Caravaggio relocated to Rome, Italy. He eventually moved to an area that was considered to be poor. However, it was a cosmopolitan area that was rich in artistic value. Caravaggio was never successful in keeping a job due to his anger problems. This was …show more content…
In Contarelli Chapel, The Deposition of Christ, Death of the Virgin, The Cruxifixion of St. Peter, and The Conversion of St. Paul were placed. During the 1600’s, Caravaggio’s life was very turbulent. He was accused of doing quite a mischief of crimes. He was said to have attack one of his colleagues and wounded a soldier. In 1603, Giovanni Baglione had him brought up on changes. In 1604, he was arrested twice for disorderly conduct to a waiter and assault on a Roman guard. In 1605, he was detained for illegal possession of arms. In the same year he decided to leave Rome after he stabbed a man in a fight over a woman. On May 29, 1606 Caravaggio got into a fight over a tennis match and killed Ranuccio Tomassoni. For a long time, Caravaggio spent a lot of time migrating from place to place. He ended up residing in Naples. While in Naples, he completed two paintings for a Flemish painter by the name of Louis Finor. They were named The Flagellation of Christ and The Madonna of the Rosary. At this time, he also created The Seven Works of Mercy for the Chapel of Monte della Misericordia. Caravaggio eventually repeated his outstanding work as an artist. In 1608, he moved to Malta where he was exiled. His fame was one thing, but his bad temperament was another. In 1610, Caravaggio returned to Rome. He was arrested by accident and jailed for two days. On July, 18, 1610, Caravaggio died of pneumonia. Even after his death, Caravaggio

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