Capital Punishment: The Ford V. Wainwright Case Essay

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Sometimes in life people are not given their rights, the rights that are supposed to be given fairly to them under all circumstances. Although the rights of the people are extremely important in some cases, people tend to change them. The Ford v. Wainwright case is a great example of this it shows even the government can sometimes break rules just to get their point across. This case shows many different ways of how things can be broken down into something it is not, this case shows the importance of how things really get handled behind closed doors of the government. “Ford’s” case was not properly handled because the court system decided to go against the eighth amendment, which made this case unfair.
In the case Ford v. Wainwright the
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Alvin Ford committed what some call an eccentric crime in 1974 (Invigorated Mind). Ford and his friends tried to rob a red lobster for 7,000 dollars Ford was fighting depression and a drug addiction when he was getting involved with the robbery. Meanwhile at the scene ford friends got scared and decided to leave (invigorated mind). Finally the police showed up Ford was the only one that stayed to finish the job. During Ford’s great get away Ford definite to shoot the police officer (invigorated mind). Ford thought that the keys were still in the cop car; however when he tried to get away the keys were gone. Ford was captured and charged with first degree murder (invigorated mind). He was later sentenced to the death penalty.
During the delay of his death penalty ford was beginning to show indications of mental disorder. He would say things like he helped foil a “KKK” plot but yet he was still arrested (Invigorated mind). Ford was tested for his mental capacity. The judge assigned to the case assigned three different psychiatrists to test Ford. When the first three psychiatrists test him, they indicated that Ford was insane. Many psychiatrists were appointed to test Ford some spoke saying he was insane while the others said different. Dr. Amin concluded in 1983 that Ford suffered a severe uncontrollable mental

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