Canada’s Values Essay

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The country that we have come to call Canada has been created through the unity of several nations and different cultures. Canada values diversity and multiculturalism, unity, freedom and independence. Canada did not hold all these values from the beginning but it gained all of these values through time, by learning from its past mistakes and also because of its desires of becoming independent and several major events that took place in Canadian history.

Canada’s values come from its struggle for independence from Britain, a path to nationhood, being independent from the United States and the co-operation between the English, French and Native Canadians and immigrants. Canada, being a colony of Britain since the defeat
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In 1870, when the Manitoba Act was brought in, it allowed the government funding of Catholic (French) schools however Sir Laurier brought in the
Sunny Ways compromise stating that funding will only be made where French Canadian population is high enough and this was a great way for both English and French Canadians to maintain their cultures and hold their diversity. The French Canadians usually had different political opinions from the English Canadians as can be seen during the Boer war. In 1899, the
Boers rebelled against Great Britain. Great Britain sought greater control when gold was discovered in South Africa and decided to fight the Boers. Great Britain called for Canada’s help however, there were two different opinions on whether to send troops to fight for Britain or not. The English Canadians mostly wanted to participate in this war and to fight for Britain and the French Canadians, seeing Britain’s Imperialism being harmful for their for the country’s own good, sympathized with the Boers and did not want to participate in Britain’s war. This shows how diversity was present at that time and how it comes to define Canadian culture of today.
During Robert Borden’s time as the Canadian Prime Minister, he held an election in 1917 and because all the odds were against the “No” side due to how the election was set up, he won the election and brought in conscription although seventy-five percent of Quebec voted against him. This shows

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