Canada, World War Two: One Small Step for Victory, A Giant Leap for Independence

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There are many achievements that Canada made during and after World War Two but the most important accomplishment was the attainment of independence. Canada was growing further and further apart from Mother Britain. Also, there was a feeling of greater pride and nationalism within the citizens and soldiers of Canada. Canada’s sense of identity had changed completely and Canada grew its autonomy significantly. This can be seen by Canada’s success in the Battle of Atlantic, the Invasion of Italy and D-day. As a result, Canada was extremely prosperous at gaining autonomy during World War Two.
First of all, the most important step Canada took towards becoming autonomous was during the Battle of Atlantic, the beginning of World
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proves the success of Canadians and their independence. These quotes show that through Canada’s clever decisions and resourceful help in the Battle of Atlantic led to an important victory, as well as growing autonomy. In the Battle of Atlantic, Canadian forces developed strength and capability for a larger contribution throughout the battle which indeed showed just how well Canada can do as an independent nation. Adding to that, the proof displays Canada’s excellence in various aspects of war. The second quote also highlights the sacrifices made by many Canadians for freedom. Leading to the next point, Canada took responsibility and the initiative of controlling part of the Atlantic in March 1943, which shows Canada’s growing autonomy from British rule. According to historian Greenaway, in March 1943, during the Allied Convoy Conference – meeting between Canada, Britain and United States, - Canada was stated in charge as the commander in chief of North Atlantic (Greenaway). This clearly shows that Canada had obtained a high level of responsibility because it was seen as an important country for contribution in war. Along with that Canada had a higher reputation and recognition from other countries. It could also make its own vital decisions. Becoming the commander in chief, Canada was more independent as it could control the North Atlantic by itself without being under anyone’s commands. Furthermore, Canada built the world’s third

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