Caltex's Business in South Africa Essay

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In my opinion Caltex’s plan was important to the South African. It allowed the black majority to be able to have top jobs in their companies and it also helped them to be able to be with and care for families and dependants. Blacks had no right to vote, they had to use separate areas in public, including dining places, bathrooms, transportation, and others. Caltex became a founder signatory of the Sullivan Principles in South Africa. The majority of investment was done by foreign companies. One of the biggest companies was Caltex. There is a different standard of behavior for companies as large as Standard and Texaco. These companies are multi-national with billions of dollars in annual income. In my opinion multinational …show more content…
If I were a stockholder I believe that I would vote for all three resolutions that were proposed. First asking Caltex to terminate its operations if the outcome was to move the companies out South Africa would have been the beginning of a sort of wake up call for south Africa It would be an example about how others feel about how they treat the natives and how the apartheid rules. I would have voted in favor of all three stockholder resolutions. The second asking Caltex not to sell to the military or police of South Africa. First of all let’s think logically no matter what Caltex still a responsibility. The Caltex plans they did have the power to put political stress on the government of South Africa to change their rules. Financial investment means a great deal to a country. I also support Caltex, they had a choice not to sell to the military and the police but that could have been dangerous for the company and innocent employees. This move would might hurt some of the operations that have been fought for. It could cause bitterness and more violence, deaths, segregations and cause unwarranted imprisonment. And the third asking Caltex to implement the Tutu principles makes the most since; it would work out well for everyone. The first of the four proposals is to ensure that black workers can live comfortable with their families and second oppose influx

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