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The California Gold Rush

The California Gold Rush was not all about Americans being happy and rich because of the discovery of gold. Indians, Hispanics, African Americans and Chinese all went through some sort of struggle or problem during the Gold Rush period. Not only did men go through rough times but so did some women. The California Gold Rush was a whole different world within California. Gold turned everyone into people they were not.

In 1847, an Indian scout brought Mr. James Marshall to Maidu. Maidu was a village of Koloma. There, the first nugget was discovered where James Marshall built a sawmill. The sawmill was located along the American River. Some people say the first Gold Nugget was found by Indian Jim,
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The person who shot them would of course not get into any trouble at all. Children were taken from their families in Northern California and sold for shares between fifty dollars and two hundred dollars per child. These children were used for labor, cleaning and slave work. This brought on the "Apprentice System" which would allow settlers who bought these children keep them homeless and jobless until they were 30 years old. Children who looked good and presentable would be kidnapped and sold for sexual slavery for one hundred dollars each. Because of this, families who had children would beat their faces just so that they would look ugly so they wouldn't be desirable to people in charge of these horrible crimes. When Congress made three Indians negotiate 18 treaties of "Peace & Friendship" with 402 California Tribal leaders in 1851, the Indians were promised 8.5 million acres on 10 reservations for the rest of California. The Indians actually thought this would be true, however after signing the peace treaty with these white settlers, a huge amount of the Indians were all poisoned at a banquet. California sent the Indians that survived to places such as Alcatraz, Goat Island, Napa Valley or dumped into the ocean. Once again, the Indians were poor and had to search for supplies to survive. They were arrested for trespassing or for wondering from place

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