Caesar’s Reincarnation Essay

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Caesar’s Reincarnation
According to an ancient Norse saying, “All creatures die, including men, but one thing never dies, the renown of the noble dead.” In the play Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare leaves several hints suggesting that Caesar, “…the foremost man in all this world,” (4.3.22) never truly dies. His faithful follower, Mark Antony, embodies his personality. His lasting memories and role in the purpose of the conspiracy keep him alive in name. And the appearance of his ghost, haunting the conspirators before their deaths, keeps him alive in sprit . Caesar never dies in body, name, or spirit.
Mark Antony embodies Caesar’s manipulative, ambitious, and ruthless characteristics. During Caesar’s funeral oration, Shakespeare
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Mark Antony is also ambitious in his desire to bring Caesar to justice. His two-faced nature is like that of Caesar’s, further promoting a sense of ambition in Mark Antony. Lastly, Mark Antony resembles Caesar, for the two are ruthless. Antony’s ruthless nature is evident when he speaks to Caesar’s corpse for the second time. Antony seeks to take revenge against the conspirators and promises the dead corpse that “Domestic fury and fierce civil strife/Shall cumber all parts of Italy;” (3.1.263-264). Then, Antony appears malevolent when pricking names, listing people that he would kill after the formation of the Second Triumvirate. Mark Antony marks down his own nephew, using his life as a bargaining piece. Antony says, “He shall not live—look, with a spot I damn him.” (4.1.6). Mark Antony is a living embodiment of Julius Caesar, for the two are manipulative, ambitious, and ruthless.
Furthermore, Caesar’s living legacy and the memories he leaves behind keep Caesar alive in name. In both Brutus and Mark Antony’s funeral orations, Caesar remains the topic of the speeches. However, Shakespeare introduces Caesar’s name several times, keeping his image alive in both the reader’s mind and in the minds of the plebeians. Brutus highlights Caesar’s sense of ambition and danger to the republic, yet Mark Antony highlights his good deeds and legacies. Mark Antony keeps Caesar’s

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