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Purpose: What employers are looking for in interviewing, having proper manners in an interview and some common problems that exist in the interviewing process.

I. Two common questions interviewers/recruiters ask: (Source 1)

A. Question 1: "Please think about your most significant accomplishment. Now tell me about it."(Source 1)

1. By asking this one question you will discover a wide range of what the employee has actually done and what major roles they played in accomplishing the problem.

2. Some of the answers that are given in response to this question are: 1. Past employers and what their goal was. 2. When and how long the accomplishment was. 3. Some of the challenges
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2. What is the focus type? : Technical, Strategic, or tactical. A. Technical-based-focus people get involved with the details of the processes. B. Strategic people tend to take a longer period of time to plan a project, usually longer than a half-year. C. Tactically-based-focusers tend to concentrate on the outcomes of the process. 3. Team or individual influence. Does the person involve others or do they prefer to do everything themselves? 4. Functional or Multi functional perspective - the most skilled candidates understand the effects

II. Have proper manners in the interview process (Source 5)

A. At what point in the interview is it proper to ask about benefits and salary pay?

1. The candidate should only bring this up if the interviewer has not said anything about benefits after the end of the second interview. Salary should be discussed when it is brought up by the interviewer NOT by the candidate. If no information is given about salary, a candidate should talk to a manager or a human relations person and ask for a salary range, and the benefits available.

B. In the event that you are running late, should you reschedule or arrive late?

1. First of all you should never be late. If you can, before the interview, visit the place where the interview will take place. This will allow you to estimate the time it takes to get there

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