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Bosnia-Herzegovina is a country located in southeastern Europe. Bosnia- Herzegovina declared its independence in March of 1992. Usually, this country is referred to as Bosnia, but is officially named
Bosnia-Herzegovina. In 1918, Bosnia-Herzegovina became part of the kingdom of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes, which later became known as the country of Yugoslavia. In
1946, Yugoslavia became a federal state consisting of six republics, one of which was Bosnia-Herzegovina. Slavic people make up most of the counties population. The largest groups are the Bosnia Muslims, the Serbs, and the Croats.
Much of the Serbian population opposed to Bosnia's independence and a civil war erupted in the Spring of 1992.
Serbian forces soon occupied about
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The chamber of citizens has 130 members and the Chamber of municipalities has 110 members. All are elected for a four year term.
There are, as in the United States, different political parties in
Bosnia-Herzegovina. These parties are recognized as the
Party of Democratic Action, the Serbian Democratic party, and the Croatian Democratic Union. About forty-four percent of Bosnia-Herzegovina's population are Bosnian
Muslims. Serbs make up about thirty-two percent, and
Croats account for roughly seventeen percent. The remaining seven percent include Albanians, Gypsies, and Ukrainians.
Since the civil war began, large numbers of people have fled the county. Most of Bosnia-Herzegovina's people speak a language called Serbo- Croatian. In writing though, Serbs traditionally use the Cyrillic alphabet. On the other hand,
Bosnian Muslims, Croats and the majority of others living in
Bosnia use the Roman alphabet. The main religions of
Bosnia are Islamic, practiced by the Bosnian Muslims,
Roman Catholic, practiced by the Croats, and the main religion of the Serbs is Serbian Orthodoxy. Another aspect of the Bosnian people's culture is their food. Bosnian cooking reflects Turkish and Muslim influences. Musaka, roasted meat and eggplant, and kapama, mutton with spinach and green onions, are just two of the dishes commonly found there. An excellent white wine is also produced in Mostar. School life in Bosnia is different then that of the United States. Children of Bosnia are

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