Essay on Body Art in The Work Place

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Tattoos and piercing have become more common over the years. Observable issues within the workplace have surfaced. Some people would argue that tattoos and piercings in the workplace are inappropriate, unprofessional, and even distracting. It will be argued in this essay that tattoos and piercings have no affect on the work of an employee and therefore should not be prohibited.

Chicago psychologist Daniela Schreier says body art has evolved from stigma to fashion statement and that younger employees see tattoos and piercings as modes of self-expression rather than rebellion. "Modern body art came out of the prisons and from the gang world," says Schreier, who teaches at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and
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A company can, although, use it as an excuse not to hire you. Many companies have policies that prohibit tattoos and piercings that are generally outlined in their handbook and/or employee manual. If the policy is new, it may be given out in memo form. An employer may change a dress code at any time, with or without warning. To legally cover their interests and/or assets, an employer will generally give the new guidelines in a written form. If an employer does change the dress code, it must apply to all employees.

For the 34-year-old pediatric nurse, his body is a canvas, and the tattoos are all metaphors of his life. Along his left arm, there's a tiger and cherry blossoms on his forearm, and a coy fish on his upper arm. This is mostly what is exposed when he wears his scrubs to work. Stevick has 20 tattoos in all so far, from his arms, legs, back and chest. He plans on getting more, too. Stevick said at Health Partners of Western Ohio, where he works, they've been very accommodating with his visible tattoos. "There's different nursing homes and other health care facilities that have policies: no visible tattoos, because of contact with patients. But not here," Stevick said. "It mixes with our clientele. A lot of our patients have tattoos, so they're not frowned on here. That's why I'm here. I feel accepted. I like the way they feel with it. "Ironically, he does immunizations for children.

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