Essay about Blue Remembered Hills by Dennis Potter

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Blue Remembered Hills by Dennis Potter

This year our practical assessment in Drama has been a three month project, from September until December, on 'Blue Remembered Hills' written by Dennis Potter, who also wrote other popular television programmes, films scripts and plays such as "The Confidence Course" that he wrote in the early part of his career in 1965, onto things like "Sufficient Carbohydrate" in 1983.

Although he mainly wrote a lot of his scripts for television and films, script such as Blue Remembered Hills, originally written by Dennis Potter in 1979 for a small television programme telling the stories of a group of seven year olds adventures in a forest, on a summers day during
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All of these powerful themes gives the play a hard message and entertaining feeling.

My contribution to Blue Remembered Hills was performing three scenes alongside 'Start Hackshaw' The first scene we did was the very first from the play, with Peter and Willie walking and talking in the forest leading into a fight were Peter beats up Willie. I was playing Willie and Stuart was playing Peter. The second scene we did was the seventh scene in the play where Donald is in the barn by himself crying the words "Come back dad." In this scene I played Donald. The final scene we did was the twenty third scene in the play with Donald in the Bar trying to light a match trying to make a fire, Stuart played Donald. The two characters I played different and was a nice challenge

To help me with my performance I used various forms of research such as the internet, books, other scripts written by Dennis Potter and asked a director I know, who has directed Blue Remembered Hills in the past, some questions. I found out many things about Dennis Potter, how he normally writes his scripts for television and how he does not like child actors. I found out a lot about the time period of the play and a lot of things about life, clothing, songs and behaviour in the time of the play. All of these helped me with my performance as I felt I could really get into my character when I knew all of the facts.


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