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Interestingly enough, William Blake's poems from Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience usually provide common topics but opposite perspectives; each perspective accomplished my means of unique writing techniques. "The Shepherd" from Songs of Innocence and "The Garden of Love" from Songs of Experience have in common the experiences of a shepherd but "The Shepherd" creates a joyful and friendly mood through the word choice of Blake while "The Garden of Love" creates a sorrowful mood by means of imagery.

In "The Shepherd" the sweet and love-filled diction creates a joyful mood while in "The Garden of Love" the juxtaposition of bright and gloomy imagery creates a depressing and negative mood. In "The Shepherd" the bright diction
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This positive mood is soon destroyed as it is juxtaposed with the descriptions of what the garden has become: a cemetery. Blake describes the gates of the chapel as "shut," a word with a negative connotation which implies darkness or failure. The door also has "Thou shalt not" written over it, creating a gloomy mood due to the phrase's statement of failure and restriction. The gloomy imagery of the land "filled with graves" helps create a depressing mood, especially in combination with the juxtaposition of the once lively garden. While in "The Garden of Love" the mood is established through images, in "The Shepherd" the mood is established through positive diction such as the wording in the opening rhetorical question. The imagery and juxtaposition in the line, "tomb-stones [were] where flowers should be," also helps establish a depressing mood in "The Garden of Love." "The Garden of Love" contains imagery of the once beautiful garden, the cemetery, the gates of the chapel, and the abundant graves which establishes the dismal mood of the poem. In "The Shepherd" actions are described with love-filled diction in order to create the positive mood of the poem. The friendly mood is created as the shepherd's care and love for his sheep is described. He loves them so much that he is with them "From the morn to the evening" as "he follow[s] his sheep all the day." The diction in these lines which depicts the amount of

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