Essay on Blacks in Civil War Portrayed in The Movie Glory

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The American Civil War was a major war in the United States between the Union and eleven Southern states which declared that they had a right to secession and formed the Confederate States of America. They were led by Jefferson Davis who was elected as their president. The Union, led by President Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Party, opposed the expansion of slavery into territories owned by the United States and rejected any right of secession. The United States Civil War began as an effort to save the Union but it ended in a fight to abolish slavery. Tens of thousands of soldiers on each side, in battle after battle, had the courage to march in regular order against the withering fire of the defenders, while those around them fell …show more content…
When this happened, the war shifted from fighting over the expansion of slavery to the stopping the South from seceding. Now the war was about the right to seceded or not. After some time passed, Lincoln realized that the war was not about what he thought it was but about one issue. That issue was slavery. He knew that slavery was the issue that was going to divide the union. He knew that he had to make one Union that was either pro slavery or anti-slavery and he decided to make his union anti-slavery. Thus he passed the Emancipation Proclamation. This abolished, or ended slavery in the southern states that seceded from the Union. This was a major change in the war because it ended the Northerners cause from fighting to end the right of secession to stopping slavery. Southerners were fighting to keep their away of life and for their rights. So in order to keep their way of life Southerners needed to fight to keep slavery. In the beginning of the war, Southerners were fighting was to defend the right to seceded from the union. They thought that the constitution gave them the right to seceded from the union the right of nullification. The Southerners saw the war as the second Revolutionary War because they were fighting for a great cause and for independence from the North. They thought that the constitution had given them the right to do so. Also for the right for Nullification. They thought that a U.S. State had the right to nullify, or

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