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Malcolm X was a great Civil Rights leader that was ahead of his time, dealing with the inequalities and the black struggle of the 1960's. The 1960's was an era that defined the black race as a lower status than the white race merely based on color. Malcolm X defined race through his Muslim religion believing that blacks would one day reign supreme if only they accepted Allah as God, took Islam as their only religion, and followed the honorable Elijah Muhammad as their messenger. He also believed that the White race was ungodly and they were doomed for their unjust rule unable to accept Allah because of there evil nature. Clearly X's definition of race was that the Black race was "good" and "godly", and the White race was wrong and evil. …show more content…
"Malcolm X encouraged his audiences to take pride in their African heritage and to consider armed self-defense rather than relying solely on nonviolence" (Faragher 558). Another strength to the authors approach is how he up-lifted the people of the struggle with his clever and witty speeches. For example, in a speech he states "The black race here in North America is in extremely bad condition .You show me a black man who isn't an extremist and I'll show one who needs psychiatric attention" (Faragher 558). Audiences fell in love with him because he did not hold his tongue stating exactly what he felt. "Malcolm X pointed to a new black culture consciousness that celebrated black history, black culture, the African heritage, and black self-sufficiency" (Faragher 588).
The Weaknesses of Malcolm X's approach towards his definition of race was how one-sided he was in alienating the white race, non-violent black people taking part in the Civil Rights struggle and all other religions besides Islam. Malcolm X felt that the entire white race was the devil and doomed to hell. "White America is doomed! Death and devastating destruction hang at this very moment in the skies over America" (Pintney116). With statements such as the entire white race is doomed, X is offending the "good" white people turning them away from his view and definition of race. He also often offended black non-violent people in the struggle calling them names and

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