Benjamin Komoetie's Search for Self Identity Essay

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Benjamin Komoetie, the main character in Fiela’s Child by Dalene Matthee, arrived on the doorstep of Fiela and Selling Komoetie when he was only three years old. It is fortunate that Fiela and Selling Komoetie had raised Benjamin as their own from the day he arrived on their door step until was twelve years old. Although Fiela and Selling Komoetie are not the biological parents of Benjamin, they are remarkable parental figures, as well as the only ones Benjamin knew. At the age of twelve, census takers discovered Benjamin living with Komoetie’s, and had suddenly recalled a story of a boy who had vanished from the forest. After several months, the census takers had returned to take Benjamin away from the Komoeties and send him to the …show more content…
The use of the word is a taboo if it is spoken from the mouth of a white man. To Benjamin, the word master is merely a word used to call people of authority as well as a term to show respect, just as American’s show respect by using the terms; Mister, Misses, Miss, Sir, and Ma’am. Not once does it occur to Benjamin that this word is solely used by colored people to show their social status as a result of apartheid. This is due to the fact that Benjamin had been raised by colored people, as well as, lived in a colored community for the majority of his life. The only white family in the Long Kloof had been the family of Master Petrus, whom Benjamin referred to as Master. Knowing where you truly belong in this world is incredibly important. There are negative implications of Benjamin Komoetie being removed from the Komoetie family at the young age of twelve years old. A major theme throughout the novel is that Benjamin Komoetie does not a part of any family. Benjamin does not biologically belong to the Komoeties nor does he biologically belong to the van Rooyens. Throughout the majority of the novel, Benjamin is told that he is a van Rooyen but never once does he feel like one. Although Benjamin knows he is not a Komoetie because he is white and the Komoetie’s are colored, he feels more connected to them than he does to the van Rooyen family. It becomes evident that

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