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Becoming a historian requires a lot of different skills and first starts with becoming familiar with the work place. Such as one, must receive the proper funds to keep a historical building alive by grant writing and educating the community by using good public speaking skills. Also, I must sharpen your researching skills to set up displays, and proper training before starting the archive process.
Sandy, the curator, gave me a tour of the Milford Historical Society. I moved some needed books form one place to another in the Bryan-Down house. Also, I sorted through some biographies of the Ells family people. Sandy went over preliminaries for the Hartford Conference. Once Sandy left, Ardienne, soon to be the former president for the
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The Milford Historical Society had a tour of eighty students in third grade. I started in the station of quill pens with Ardienne, assisted in passing out materials, and answering questions of the students. I spent a half hour with them and then watched another docent on their tour with other students in the Clark-Stockade house with Patty. Then I went to the Eels-Stowe house where I watched the docent Barbara explain the house to the kids and chaperones. Finally, I went to the Indian room in the Bryan-Downs house where, Tim explained the contact with Indians and the artifacts from that time period. At each tour I watched the docents; I answered one or two questions of a chaperones or students while the docent was busy with their tour. In each docents presentation of the house I was finding the key objects they highlighted for the students and to make it enjoyable. I wore period style clothing all day and was asked a few question about that by some of the students. I met with most of the primary people in the Milford Historical Society. My second day of school tours I worked in the Clark Stockade house with Ardienne. I observed her giving the tour of the dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and parlor room for two groups of students. Then I educated the third group on the parts pertaining to making candles and spinning wool into yarn for colonists and then Ardienne continued with the

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