Beautiful Ravenswood Essay

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Beautiful Ravenswood

Enabling roads Grand River Ave. retraces one of the seven or eight significant Indian trials that led to De’troit as the French called it, the city on the straits. It travels ZZZ miles from the City center through the Northwestern suburbs towards Brighton, Howell and ultimately parallels the Grand River before it flows through Michigan’s state Capital of Lansing. By the 1840’s The Old Grand River Indian trail was but a muddy, mucky pair of ruts that was often impassable for months out of the year. In the late 1840’s wooden plank roads were appearing in the U.S. and the General Plank Road Act of 1850 allowed private enterprises in Michigan to build plank roads provided they held to certain specifications. Roads
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Competition from the railroads and the inevitable rotting of the organic road materials would soon put the turnpike companies out of business. From 1862 to 1895 horse drawn City Streetcars slogged up and down what was now a gravel “tar and feather” surface covering the old plank turnpikes. Near the city center some streets were paved with bricks and little car service was offered beyond the city limits. In 1875 on Grand River the Detroit city limits were drawn at McGraw Ave.

A Neighborhood develops The intersection of Joy Road and Grand River was surrounded by sparse farm land in 1887 when developer A.E. Peppers first platted 10,000 acres for residential development. The venture was dubbed Ravenswood as a marketing ploy to conjure visions of a bucolic country lifestyle in the northeastern corner of Greenfield Township. Sales of lots didn’t really take off until the city of Detroit annexed the area west to Joy road in 1912 and to Wyoming Avenue in 1915. The Grand River Electric Streetcar had not arrived until 1898 when it extended service beyond the City limits to Rose Hill (Schoolcraft Rd.).

With the service provided by electric streetcars and the boom years of national defense contracts and automobile production on the horizon, people sought land and homes further away from the city core. Auto Barons built mansions

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