Basic Methods of Sculpture Essay

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Sculpture is the most important documented form of human experience in history. Sculpture was considered form of art long before drawing. Sculpture has been found in most ancient civilizations, ranging from the Roman Empire to Americas. The Diana Seated sculpture is one example of sculpture of human form. Paintings are two dimensional; they cannot be touched however sculpture gives pleasure of running hand over it. After all the evolution in art, sculpture is still the most important method of expression.
Sculptures are grouped as freestanding or as relief sculpture. Freestanding sculpture is sculpture can be seen from all sides, like a statue. In Relief sculpture the figures is attached to a background in some degree. There are four
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When a block of material is cut and chips, and grooved such a way that a shape emerges is called Carving. Materials used in carving are marble, wood and stone. According to Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564) the sculptor liberates forms that already existed with in block of stone. A good example of Michelangelo’s carving is The Vross-Legged Captive 1530, Marble, Galleria dell' Accademia, Florence, Italy (History of art). Michelangelo left The Vross-Legged Captive unfinished state to show the struggle of the slave to free himself from the marble. Michelangelo was trying to show marble as a master. The thing I like about this sculpture is that even with the roughness of the finish imparts there is a softness and humanity in it which increases the empathy. By using rough-hewn marble Michelangelo showed that it is impossible for man to free his soul from matter (History of art).
The process of making a sculpture by pouring a liquid into a mold and after a while it gets harden and then taking it out is called casting. Clay, bronze and plaster are used for casting materials. There are two types of casting first one is lost wax casting and second one is direct casting.
Casting of a metal sculpture is called Lost Wax Casting. A cast is created of a wax to model object. That cast has to be heat-resistant material such as plaster or clay. Then metal is melted so that

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