Author's Technique in The Darkness Under The Stair by Lance Salway

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Author's Technique in The Darkness Under The Stair by Lance Salway

Here are bullet points on what techniques the writer employs into the passage. The passage is called 'The Darkness Under The Stair.' It is about a boy called Andrew. His parents forced him to met his neighbours 'the Sharmans.' Even though he still hadn't finished his homework. Once he arrived at their home, he felt uncomfortable. The place was dull and Andrew did not want to speak. The question at the end of the passage remains. How soon could he get up and leave? Andrew despised the Sharmans, detested their house and he still had homework to finish. Here are the author's techniques:

· The author employs a third person view of
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'Past the light and into the darkness.'

· The author occasionally invokes adjective terms. He describes the situation in detail. Additionally he puts the audience into the place where Andrew is. In laymen's terms you can feel the story. 'Aware of a dark wave of dread, that arose.'

· Andrew is character drawn up the author. He is described to be arrogant and judges people with out confidence. The other characters seem dull and boring.

· Lance the author does not put a great deal of description into the characters. He instead keeps it short and from the short description you could draw a picture of the particular character in your mind. 'Pleasant face of the dark middle-aged man in glasses.'

· Moreover the main technique I picked out in the first round of reading in the tenses occupied by the author. The story leads of in present tense as Andrew describes what happens and in the middle there is a bit of past and at the end the author makes you think what will happen next, which is the future.

Those were are the main techniques the author Lance Salway has utilized into his passage. Writers exaggerate their text a bit, but this passage was will rounded with important techniques. The author of this passage wanted to make you find out the suspense and the meaning of the story, by hiding sub texts in between the

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