Authority Figure in Bible Examples Essay

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As a child, one always questions authority and discipline especially from a parent. A father’s love may appear measurable, to a child, based upon how much time he spent together, and how much punishment he delivers. Some people believe in physical punishment, which may include a spanking, or they believe in taking nonphysical measures, which may include a timeout or going to bed early. Throughout the ages, people argue the issue that parents may play favorites or discipline one child more harshly than the next. However, there stands one Father, throughout history, who has never shown favoritism nor has His disciplinary action ever been unjust. Many know this Father as a Heavenly Father who shows grace and mercy countless times. God …show more content…
For love, someone will always be willing to sacrifice anything in order to keep the relationship. No matter what the situation appears as, man will go to no limits in order to achieve the optimal outcome. In Genesis 22, God tests Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his son, Isaac, and Abraham trusted God and loved Him so much that he was willing to do it. Human nature tends to fight inside saying that it can be done alone and asking for help appears as a weakness. Abraham sacrificed his relationship with his wife, Sarah, by stating that she was his sister in order to live. Instead of relying on God and having complete dependence on Him, Abraham took matters into his own hands. As the reader progresses through the Torah, it becomes more apparent that man’s heart hardens towards God. Pharaoh put out a decree that “every boy that is born must be thrown into the Nile” (Ex 1:22 NIV), because he was fearful that the Israelite’s would overthrow him. Pharaoh chose to disregard God and tried to ensure his place by sacrificing babies. God threatened the Egyptians, and Pharaoh, with the Passover where the firstborn must die, however, if there was blood placed on the door frame then the angel of death would pass by. Pharaoh’s actions and sacrifices failed, which resulted in the Israelites being set free and sent to Mt. Sinai (Exodus 3). While at Mt. Sinai, the Israelites are called to trust God and worship Him.

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