Essay on Attracting and Keeping the Radio Audience

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Attracting and keeping the radio audience.
Attracting and keeping an audience is an important aspect to any media platform, including radio shows, it guarantees the protection of the show for the long run, fuelled by the quantity of its listeners. 91% of the population tune into radio every week (Rajar, 2013) but radio shows rely on content, presenters and multiplatform services to keep audiences and draw them to their show. To engage and entertain is to attract an audience but in order to keep that audience, up to date content week on week and multiplatform activities when the show is off air are crucial to maintain the audiences interest. This essay will address whether one element is most important or does it require a combination of
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However the radio show content is just as important to attracting and keeping an audience as the presenters are. The very purpose and identity of the programme represents the stations view of what should constitute the radio experience (Wilby, P. and Conroy, A.1994, 193) thus the content reflects what the radio station wants its audience to feel, the station aims to reflect different experiences to their audience. An example of this can be music radio which aims to give the audience an upbeat and musical experience whereas talk radio such as BBC news creates a more serious experience and aims to inform the audience to breaking news. Using different radio content gives the audience a larger range of what they can listen to therefore this will keep them engaged as the content is continuously changing offering a wide range of entertainment thus attracting a large range of audiences. Also to keep the audience the content structure should be addressed, a linear sequence of events would be most effective to keep it clear and concise. Radio reporters and correspondents apply their journalistic skills to tell the story simply, so listeners gain a deeper understanding (Wilby, P. and Conroy, A.1994, 155), radio does not offer visual imagery and relies completely on sound consequently the content should be kept simple in order to maintain the audience's attention and keep them listening.

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