Assessment of the View that Deprivation is the Main Reason for the Growth of NRM's

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Assessment of the View that Deprivation is the Main Reason for the Growth of NRM's

Deprivation is distinguishable into relative and absolute deprivation. Physical abuse, starvation, and poverty are seen as forms of absolute deprivation, whereas relative deprivation can be defined as the discrepancy between what one expects in life and what one gets. In the 1950s and 1960s, much theorizing centred on the construction of typologies. This was also the case in deprivation theory. For example, Charles Glock distinguished five types of deprivation, depending on the kinds of strain felt: economic, social, organismic, ethical, and psychic deprivation. Every type gave rise to a particular type of religious
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Deprivation is seen by generations of sociologists as the cause of both personal religious commitment and sect and cult formation. Max Weber and Ernst Troeltsch were pioneers with regard to the relationships between sect and church membership, and social class and status group. In The Social Sources of Denominationalism H. Richard Niebuhr saw sects as the "churches of the disinherited"; because of their lack of economic and political power. The less privileged needed religion most, and sects and cults could provide their members with compensation for the lack of social and personal success. Wilson pointed out that there were a variety of situations which could lead to marginalization of groups within a society, such as defeat in war, natural disaster or economic collapse, although these are not the only circumstances to encourage sect development. Sects in 1960s America often targeted the marginal and disadvantaged groups, such as Black Muslims aiming to recruit the most desperate blacks. However, most of the world-rejecting new religious movements were drawn amongst the ranks of young, white middle-class Americans and Europeans during the era. Wallis argues that many of these recruits were already marginal; despite their background they were usually hippies, drug users etc.. with their marginality perhaps

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