Essay on Article Review: Piaget Implication for Teaching

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Article 4: Piaget Implication for Teaching The article based on Piaget implication for teaching is tied into his theory concept of intelligence. By forming questions such as how will this teaching method reach all students? Or what process does the learner need to develop a cognitive growth in the educational system? The article provides information towards the theoretical assumptions of Piaget`s theory on education. Such as Piaget`s believes that there are four components that is needed in order to have a foundation of mental development. The four components are having physical capabilities, experiencing hands- on activities from leaning aids or tools. Also having social interactions and being able to fit new experiences with prior …show more content…
An example would be, if there was a student that always demonstrated good model behavior, then other students would see how they should either be behaving or responding to a situation in the classroom. Another one of Piaget`s passions that upraised in the article was how he strongly believed that each person had a unique way of learning. Piaget theory for teaching was that teachers need to individualize learning experiences so that each student can be working on their own level. Also provide a variety of different experiences in the classroom instead of the same structure routine. Due to the fact that each person structures learning situations in terms of their own schemas, there is no way that two or more people will have the same meaning or viewpoint (Webb, 1980, p. 93). After reading Piaget cognitive development viewpoint towards teaching and from a student point of view I ‘am to say that I agree with his implication for teaching. I strongly agree that each individual has their own unique way of learning. From my own experience, in the class there was multiple times where I couldn’t gasp a chapter or a concept. I had to learn my own study method and discover how I process information. For future implications in the classroom I would like to try to have a wider variety of experiences or tasks instead of having the same structure routine during the week. I also think social interaction is an important element to

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