Essay on Archaeology and What It's All About

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Archaeology and What It's All About

The history of past cultures has been a fascinating topic of debate and discovery for hundreds of years. From the discoveries of fossilized elephant bones leading to the legends of the gigantic Cyclops to the modern day discoveries of the remains of ancient Mayan temples and the shaman that lived there, archaeologists have been bringing the facts back to life. Man has, of course, always been interested in the question of his origin, and as prehistoric remains so often lie near the earth's surface -especially flints and stones- they had not escaped the notice of our ancestors. These clues about the past lead to interest and eventually serious inquiry as to their
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Many of the remains of the civilization can disappear through weathering and erosion, vegetative overgrowth, and being buried under eons of dirt layers. The bits of information that have survived the millennia have done so under positive preservative conditions. The most common survivors include stone and some metal tools, bones, teeth, stone buildings, and pieces of pottery. This affords the scientists with a partial view into the world of the ancient civilization they are studying. The lack of a complete history lends itself to educated reasoning and supposition as to how things were.

From the highly publicized findings of archaeologists, people get a glimpse of only part of the total amount of investigating that takes place. This work in the field is what the public sees. What they do not see is the painstaking research performed in a laboratory setting. Of the two, the work done in the field is more often publicized, especially the aspects that support reverie about romance, glamour, perhaps buried treasure, and travel. The fruitful and unspectacular work of laboratory analysis and description, the library and museum research, the historical scholarship, and the financing receive less frequent attention.

Archaeologists have had to employ many different tools and techniques since its official beginning as a profession in the late nineteen hundreds and early twentieth century.

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