Apple’s Macintosh Computers: A Technology That Achieved Dominance

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1) Choose a technology and assess the process of dominance that led to a leading technology standard using the factors, battle milestones, and key phases of dominance from the article, Suarez, F. 2004. “Battles for technological dominance: an integrative framework”, Research Policy. Volume 33, Issue 2, pp. 271‐286.

A technology that achieved dominance is Apple’s Macintosh computers. According to Suarez’s article (1)“A technology—broadly defined as a set of pieces of knowledge, some of which are embodied in physical devices and equipment—becomes dominant as the result of a complex process by which several competing alternatives and versions are de-selected until a preferred technological “hierarchy” becomes evident”. Apple’s Macintosh
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As I mentioned before, compatibility with other Apple products contributed to Macintosh’s success. Apple has a variety of products such as the IPod, which can hold thousands of songs. With so many models of the IPod to choose from, the consumer can find one that fits their needs. This established Apple’s reputation and made them globally known. Having a good reputation can help a firm dominate because it is familiar to the consumer. New entrants do not have any credibility, and so having a loyal following helps the firm overcome new competition or entrants.
Another Firm-Level Factor is Strategic Maneuvering. With so many alternatives in the market, price is of great importance. The consumer wants to get the best product for a reasonable price. However this can have negative consequences. For example, when Microsoft released the Surface, it was very expensive, bordering a $1000. There were several competing alternatives at a much lower price, such as Apple’s IPad which can be purchased for $600. Both generally had the same features, but the pricing was very different.
The last factor in the Firm-Level is the Installed Base. Compatibility with an older technology can be very useful in transitioning to a newer technology. For example, Apple releases a new generation of IPod each year. Because of the price, some people don’t buy newer models. The older IPod models that were released between 2001 and 2002 are still compatible with Apple’s computers. Apple can

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