Anorexia Nervosa Essay

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Thesis Statement: Anorexia Nervosa effects a person both physically and mentally.

Anorexia represents one percent of most prevalent eating disorder diseases. The word anorexia itself means, “ lack of appetite”. Anorexia is an all-encompassing pursuit of thinness. The person effected by Anorexia has an absolute fear of becoming obese (Matthew 4).

Approximately one percent of adolescent girls develops Anorexia Nervosa, a dangerous condition in which they can literally starve themselves to death. People who starve intentionally starve themselves suffer from an eating disorder. The disorder, which usually begins in the young people around the time of puberty, involves extreme weight loss. At least fifteen percent below the individuals
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Girls stop having menstrual periods, dry skin and thinning hair on the head, grow fine hair all over body, they may get sick often, Hypothermia, often in a bad mood, they have a hard time concentrating and are always thinking about food. It is not true that they never feel hungry. Actually they are always hungry. Feeling hunger gives them a feeling of control over their lives and their bodies. It makes them feel like they are good at something – they are good at losing weight. Some of other major problems are superior mesenteric artery syndrome, major depressive schizophrenia, social phobia, compulsive disorder, body dysmorphic disorder, Bulimia Nervosa could occur. People with severe Anorexia Nervosa may be at risk of death from starvation. Of seven million women aged 15 to 35 who have an eating disorder, will die from complications of Anorexia. Most famous case was Karen Carpente, pop singer who died from heart failure resulting from Anorexia. (Long 15).

Family and friends have to love the anorexic. People with Anorexia feel safe, secure and comfortable with their illness. Their biggest fear is gaining weight; it is seen as losing control to them. They will beg and lie to avoid eating or gaining weight, which is like giving up to the illness (Matthew 20).

Hospitalization is one very important step in trying to overcome Anorexia Nervosa. The patient will resist hospitalization and will plead to be discharged. Patient’s family should fully support

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