Anne Sexton: Cinderella Essay

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As many of us know, our world today is not short of sarcasm. Many times sarcasm can be funny but other times it can cause harm. But in Anne Sexton’s poem, she uses sarcasm to throw her audience back to actuality, even a midst a fairytale element. In Anne Sexton’s poem, Cinderella she uses sarcasm and a basis of the true tale to make what many would call a “mockery” of the original Grimm Tale. Sexton does not refer to the Grimm brothers in her poem, for she considers this re-telling her own creation, uniquely by using irony to her advantage. As an audience we can relate to how and why Sexton takes much from the original versions, but we find that her interpretation brings a different approach. Sexton felt the original versions held no light …show more content…
When it comes to delivering a piece of literature that has been a part of our culture for centuries, one does not ruin that “sacred sect” if you will, where audiences go to be belittled and shown ideals for a life that many times does not deliver. When the reader starts off the story, they can’t help but wonder what maze they are being driven through when they find that there are modern descriptions to a dated tale. When Sexton uses the ending, “That story.” she is demonstrating sarcasm and relating reality to a story that hints to a non-reality. She somewhat, in a cynical fashion, talks of the premise, a summary of sorts before she delivers the more than obvious re-telling of Cinderella. As Sexton continues through the story, she inserts her obvious sarcasm in with the original tale with such short, choppy sentences. With this characteristic making it obvious she holds this tale to an utmost lower degree. My favorite line is when she mentions the cutting of the feet of the evil stepsisters, “They don’t just heal up like a wish (Sexton Line 5).” I find this line to hold a double connotation in the sense; life doesn’t just heal up or turn out always like we wish. As the reader can sense early on, Sexton uses tones of emotional and social dimensions in Cinderella. With this known, we know as the audience that standing by and supposed magic do not transform reality into a

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