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In this essay, we will be discussing Tumi’s recent traumatic experiences and how two different perspectives, Socio-Cultural and the Biological perspective, will interpret these experiences in regards with Tumi. Both these perspectives will use certain evidence to support their ideals and justify their beliefs through psychology. We aim to compare and contrast the two perspectives with the use of Tumi’s case study, as well as other information. We analysis Tumi’s case study through the two elected perspectives and discuss on what evidence in the case study will support that specific perspective. We will also discuss which of the two perspectives has more evidence and which is based on fact rather than belief.

The biological perspective
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(Coon, 2014) . Even though this does not support Tumi’s case study it is a possibility. Tumi has also stated that she has had seizures. These can be a cause of a lack of brainwave activity or chemical imbalances. It also could be genetic and therefore inherited as well as the possibility that there is a genetic error within her brainwave activity. The only possible evidence is that she could possibly have schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a chemical imbalance which alters the way in which a person perceives their surroundings and cannot separate reality with imagination. A few examples of symptoms are social withdraw, oversleeping and depression. Schizophrenia is commonly found in young teens and adults. This evidence is relevant to Tumi’s study case. Another possibility is that she is suffering from depression which is a contribution with schizophrenia. Although it is one of the most popular forms of psychology, it also has strengths and weaknesses. Strength of the biological perspective is that rehabilitation and restoring of central nervous system can be achieved through medical rehabilitation, there are many proven methods to control internal disabilities such as depression. The weakness of this perspective is that it excludes other possible causes and therefore will exclude perspectives such as the behavioural perspective.


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