Analysis of De La Salle Lipa as a Knowledge Management System

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Knowledge is crucial to any organization. Toffler (1991), in his novel Powershift, stressed the idea that control of knowledge is the turning point of tomorrow’s worldwide struggle for power in every human institution. In today’s fast paced society, an entity’s knowledge base is quickly becoming its only sustainable competitive advantage. As such, this resource must be protected, cultivated and shared among entity members (Firestone, 2000). After all, everyone in an organization utilizes knowledge and the management of these knowledge assets will determine the sustainability of an institution in the knowledge era.
Knowledge Management caters to the critical issue of organizational adaptation, survival and competence in face of
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For the last 5 years, DLSL has intensified the mapping and categorization of their knowledge assets and put utmost emphasis on the enhancement of knowledge-related processes and technologies. With this, DLSL will serve as a model and an eye-opener for most academic institutions that it is indeed how one manages what one knows and what one has learned that will make one's organization viable, flexible and competitive as well.
This study, therefore, seeks to analyze the knowledge management system of DLSL by determining how knowledge is created, organized, distributed and applied with socio-cultural, organizational, and technological component considerations. This analysis would reflect the importance of knowledge as the lifeline of an organization in carrying out their operations effectively and efficiently.
Focusing on DLSLs knowledge base and knowledge workers, the study attempts to trace the knowledge management components, processes and practices of DLSL and its viability.

Statement of the Problem
This research addresses the question: How does De La Salle Lipa manage its knowledge assets and the processes acting upon these assets?
Specifically, it answers the following questions:
1. What are the knowledge needs of DLSL as determined by its

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