An Essay Concerning Alias Grace As A Major Piece Of Literature

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     The book Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood is a beautifully articulated work of literature. The book presents a Victorian mode spiced up with spooky plot twists. Although the book presents a Victorian mode it is not entirely comprised of Romantic ideals. Atwood is a modern writer who was influenced by the major paradigms of both American and Canadian history. Since she was a child, she was fascinated by the true story of Grace Marks. Grace Marks was a teenage, Canadian domestic worker of the nineteenth century who was convicted upon the murder of her employer (Thomas Kinnear) and his mistress (Nancy Montgomery). In this novel, Atwood reimagines Grace’s enigmatic story. And in doing so, she embodies a signature …show more content…
However, another one of Atwood’s attributes within Alias Grace that goes without comparison is her ability to write clearly. It is not only clear but also logical and easy to understand. It is logical and easy to understand because it is a simple story of a doctor who is trying to uncover the truth and also because the novel uses simple words and sentences. This shows that she is familiar with the plain style used by Puritans in the Age of Faith. And this is why the book can be easily understood. The next characteristic of the author’s style that makes it so unique has to do with the character’s conversations. The conversations that take place between the characters creates an open forum to discuss topics such as prostitution, spiritualism, and treatment for the insane. Not many authors are or have been able carry this out so casually and to the extent seen in Alias Grace. And so, Margaret Atwood’s style in the book Alias Grace is especially unique.

     Margaret Atwood produces a tone that remains indifferent throughout the book. She does however state that she was “accommodating all possibilities wherever feasible.” This gives us evidence that although the true story is never told, it lays an elaborate network of detailed

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