American Hustle, Snapshot of Today Essay

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Every film can be related back to socially significant issues that occurred during the time it was released. It’s a snapshot of the issues during that time period. Film is not created in a vacuum. As described in our textbook, film “Conveys “the temper of an age of a nation” as well as that of the artists who produces it” (Belton 22). Films tend to reflect current society, country ideals or beliefs in order for the audience to relate. Some of those techniques used include, the American dream, family, corruption, divorce, and crime. If a director decides not include current social issues than it becomes harder for an audience to relate to the film because they will not be able to connect to the characters and get into their shoes. One film …show more content…
An example of this is when Carmine Politio is introduced to the audience and it is describing his life and then talks about his family, specifically discussing how he was a “big family guy” who cared a lot about his family. Our main character is also shown interacting and being involved with his family. In a scene where Irving comes home, he tucks his son into bed and spends some time with him. Our American beliefs are something we hold dear. They are our strong beliefs these include family and the American dream. Without our American beliefs being portrayed in the film loses its current cultural relevance.
Social issues are the main reason why people don’t get along or they get into trouble with the law or their family. Many social issues are shown in American Hustle. Belton in our text describes melodramas “serve as tools of social reform” (131). Having the film bring up corruptions allows for it to be addressed to the public without actually stating that it exists.. From the very begging are main character is corrupting people who need loans that can’t get loans by promising them a loan but never actually gets them the money he promised them. Another example of corruption occurring is when the mayor gets involved with taking bribes trying to open up casinos in Atlantic City. In the scene, the mayor has a meeting and is slid a briefcase of money in order to get things going for setting up the casinos. Corruption still exists

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