American Cold War Policies: Attack the Second World Essay

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American Cold War policy was aimed to help the First World, help the Third World, and attack the Second World, respectively. America always had the interests of its self and its allies in mind when developing a plan of attack in the Cold War. Both the politicians and the American people could agree with pursuing economic, social, and bureaucratic interests. The second goal of America’s actions during the Cold War was helping the Third World. America aimed their foreign policy decisions toward helping the people of the third world advance themselves, and saving them from communism. America gained local and international support by focusing on aid. America’s third goal was to attack the Soviet Union. Political, military, and economic …show more content…
Korea was also a potential ally and trade partner. The Berlin Air-lift in 1948 was another example of America supporting the First World before all else. Berlin was an ally and, as a part of non-communist Europe it fell under the Truman Doctrine. America proved, through the Air-lift, that it was committed to containment policies no matter what. The world got a chance to see that First World interests took the front burner in the United States’ concerns. This display of dedication intimidated the Second World and reassured the First World of America’s value in this situation. America’s secondary goal in Cold War actions was to protect the Third World. It was morally important to the American people to help those who need it. The Third World countries were vulnerable because “underdevelopment and the disorders of decolonization provide a favorable environment for anti-Western and Communist political movements2.” Third World countries would become the primary targets for the Communist party. American Cold War policy makers made it clear that the incentive of their actions in Third World countries was to protect the people of these places. The conception that communism is evil and will destroy all those involves supported this claim. If it were true that communism was the root of all evil many of America’s Third World operations would have stayed true to this

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