America Needs Welfare Reform Essay

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Anyone that gets a pay check form their place of work, pays taxes. Where do these large amounts of money from our pay checks go? How is the money being spent? Well if you weren’t already aware, a portion of the tax's go toward the welfare program. Welfare is defined as financial assistance to impoverished Americans which is supplied through the taxes paid by the working class ( Applying For Welfare). As a more clear understanding welfare is a government system that distributes support in various ways to low income citizens or those that have no source of income. That being said, it is widely controversial in many aspects. The government makes a great effort to support lower class citizens, which is greatly respected by most of all the …show more content…
It comes to my attention that the people that depend on welfare become unmotivated to find work and misuse the support. As a full time employee at an established company I am required to summit not only a single drug test but random screenings through out my employment. My question is highly debatable in why the working class is subjected to drug screening but those living off the tax payers money are not. Many argue the several reasons in why this is unnecessary. These opposing arguments claim that it is unconstitutional and that the fourth amendment protects the lower class from drug screening ( "Should someone receiving welfare be drug tested?"). The forth amendment states that persons are secure in their home, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated (Sidlow, Henschen). This may be true but a rather unreasonable defense when it comes to taxpayers money being spent on the addictions of drug users. If the citizens that use welfare are not abusing the system then there should be no reason to debate weather or not the testing should be imposed.
With a direct connection to drug users is the fraud on welfare. Fraud increasingly grows with the current welfare system which means in a sense, that tax payers are buying more drugs other than the cough medicine on their shopping lists. Simply tracking ebt cards for unusual purchases could save tax payers a lot of money and decrease those

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