America from Imperialism to the Great War Essay example

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Imperialism and Progressivism were focusing more on domestic growth with an indirect focus on foreign policy. The US gained more from staying at home and letting a shadow government run a country of great financial interest to the US and their investors than from taking over countries and running them with US personnel; these ideologies would play a role in the decision to hold off on getting into the Great War right away. On the other hand a worldwide market was opening up and China was becoming a big player, subsequently everyone wanted to get a piece of them. The US being the furthest away yet recently having annexed the former Anarchy of Hawaii, was one step closer. Years later the US would fight the Spanish American War and gain …show more content…
This was not a new idea and had been used in Venezuela in the late 1800’s as well as countries like Cuba, Haiti and later on the Dominican Republic. Sometimes military force was used like Cuba and Haiti, and in Hawaii’s case, it started out as a political battle but ultimately turned into having troops on the ground. Hawaii was an example of not only financial gain but also militarily gain. The intent was to set up a port there as a middle ground between the US and Asia, in addition to a cheaper sugar export, and the Philippines would later serve a similar purpose. They both had a better proximity to China and the trade they were capable of producing. The importance of China became more apparent as WWI approached when all countries were looking to China’s economy to support a large war. The Panama Canal was an example of progressivism pushing imperialism a little further. It fit very well into the US plan for military might, as well as delaying the US involvement into WWI. With the canal taking 11 years and $375 million dollars to complete , it took a toll on the US in both manpower and finances. The acquisition of the land was in similar fashion to Hawaii, the Colombian government didn’t agree to the $10 million price tag so President Roosevelt indirectly used his big stick. A group of New York investors persuaded Panamanian rebels to stage an uprising, once they were effective in overthrowing the Colombian government, the US recognized them as a

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