Alternatives for Pregnant Women in the Correction World Essay

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Alternatives for Pregnant Women in the Correction World

In the correction world there is a lot to deal with and one big aspect of it is that there are many women that go into jails or prisons pregnant or already having children. The amount of women in jails or prisons keeps rising over the years. There are better ways then keeping pregnant women in jails. Alternatives for these women are in there best interests.

The numbers of women in jails or prisons have increased greatly over the years. Female prisoner population has more than doubled since 1990. Right now there are over 150,000 women in U.S. prisons and jails. (Sokoloff, Violent Female Offenders in NYS: Myths and Facts, Crime and Justice in NY, A. Karmon, 2000-2001) With this
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Another reason for alternatives is children of incarcerated parents are at increased risk of anxiety, depression, aggression, truancy, attention disorders, and poor scholastic performance. The separation of a child from its mother is always traumatic for them and the trauma can result in poor development while growing up. A large amount of children also go into foster care. 4.5% of children in foster care are due to parental incarceration. Foster care for these children cost about $20,000 a year. If u added that onto the cost of incarcerating there parents it’s a lots of money. There are many types of alternatives that could help out with this.

Alternatives have been proven to work. They are cost effective and enforceable. Alternatives can be used such as the Moms program The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office offers all mothers and pregnant women incarcerated in the county jail an opportunity to participate in the MOMS program. Since the beginning of the MOMS program in September 1999, 546 pregnant and parenting women and 1,164 children have received services. The MOMS program has intensive individual and group training, gender-responsive educational programs, case management, housing assistance, and other services with a range of community-based post-release services including substance abuse treatment, mental health care, and primary services.

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