Alternative Solutions Essay

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Alternative Solutions There are several solutions to my project. One of them is just to keep current system. Current system has been used for more than a decade, and has worked. It provides enough detailed information about student’s attendance. Main advantage of the current system is that it is cheap in the short term. There is no need to invest more money in to the system therefore it can be cost saving. However, it is neither flexible nor efficient. It cannot produce ad-hoc reports right away, it has to be done manually if wanted to which would consume a lot of time. In addition it cannot provide as much detailed report as alternative solutions. Another solution is having a spread sheet, where teachers would type in number of …show more content…
So they would not need to log in and register students in. Instead they could just take the device from their pocket and register students with any hassle. However, this would be costly. Not only college would need to buy the PDAs, but also design software for them. This could double if not triple the price of the project. It is not only PDA that can be used in this system, touch screen e-reader with customer software would be appropriate, too. Another solution would be having a camera in each room, which is connected to central server. It would have face recognition software installed, which would recognise students face and automatically register them in. This solution would be easier to use and fastest, however there are several problems. Often face recognition software cannot recognise faces; therefore students who actually came may not be registered because camera didn’t recognise them. It is new technology which needs to be polished before it can be used. Third hardware solution is to have automated input methods to assist teachers to register students. If each student would get an RFID card with unique identification code and each class room would have RFID reader then students would just touch the RFID reader with their card and automatically register student in. In this case teachers do not have anything to do with school register and don’t need any training, even students won’t need any training due to the fact that it is simply task

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