Alienation in Wisconsin Essay

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In recent weeks, Madison, Wisconsin has been in complete uproar with large protests against Governor Scott Walker’s budget bill. This budget bill would deny collective-bargaining rights to public sector workers in which the governor purposes will help with the state’s financial problems. By proposing this budget bill, Governor Walker is attacking unions which have nothing to do with the financial problems of the state. In fact, these unions have already agreed to make financial adjustments but the governor has rejected these proposals. The situation in Wisconsin is not only an attempt to exploit the financial issue at stake but also an attempt to destroy the balance between the political power of corporations and the wealthy. This bill not …show more content…
Marx’s theory explains four ways a person is alienated from labor in capitalism; worker’s alienation from the object of his labor, alienation from the work process, alienation from his species-being, and alienation from other men. A worker is alienated from his object of labor because the things one creates become separated from the creator. Since it does not belong to the person creating the object, this individual cannot use the product for his own benefit and is robbed of his objectification of himself turning the product into an alien. Along with not recognizing the object, the worker has no control over the work process. Alienation from the work process consists of the worker as an appendage of machines, deadening the mind rather than stimulating it, and giving up control of their labor to another. The worker is then alienated from his species-being meaning that one loses the capacity to make their own history with will and consciousness. The last way of alienation from labor is that men are alienated from other men. This separation occurs because workers become divided against one another through competition and possession resulting in hostility toward one another rather than toward the capitalist. This theory then may be applied to the projected outcome of Governor Scott Walker’s budget bill. When relating Governor Walker’s budget bill to Marx’s Theory of Alienated Labor many issues arise. These issues are reflected in every way

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