Alger and Crane: Mythic Vs. Realist Essay

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Stephen Crane and Horatio Alger are both authors who discuss issues that deal with New York City in the 1800's. They are different in one major way. Crane is known as more of a realist, whereas Alger is known as mythic. Two examples that distinguish these authors' styles are Maggie, A Girl Of The Streets, by Crane and Ragged Dick Or, Street Life in New York with the Boot Blacks, by Alger. Both stories illustrate attempts to rise to the upper classes of society or become "respectable."

Crane's story is about a girl named Maggie who grew up in a life that would cause any person with feelings to have the utmost sympathy for her. To explain briefly; her brother was a roughneck in the community, her mother and father were alcoholics, a
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After their relationship became serious she quiet with the intention of being supported by Pete. This quickly evaporates when their relationship ends and she is transformed from Maggie to a girl of the street. Crane makes an attempt to put a major emphasizes the stress of everyday living.

Crane really grasps the everyday stress that people endure. In Maggie, stress is seen in every thing that is done. One example is when Maggie is trying to assert some normality in the apartment by decorating it, her mother, in her drunken fits destroys everything. As we see here Maggie is trying to better her lifestyle but because of the stress of alcoholic parents it limits her ability to do so. This example allows us to identify with his characters on a more personal level because Crane sets up a scenario which every reader can relate to in the sense that there is some member of the family who resembles a character in his story.

The way he describes the stressful aspect of Maggies society also gives us a better understanding of the characters. It is almost as if you are watching a reality show. This gives us the ability, as readers, to find a comparison in our own life to feel what the character is going through. The neighbors who gossip about Maggie are a prime example of how everyday stress can impact your life. The neighbors' gossiping causes the mother to kick Maggie out because she believes her daughter is the devil because of the sin she has committed by engaging in

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