Alcohol Dependence Essay

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Alcohol Use Disorders are disorders that are caused by the intake of alcohol over a period of time and in ways that lead to harms with health, personal relationships, school, or work. Different alcohol use disorders comprise alcohol dependence, alcohol abuse, alcohol intoxication, and alcohol withdrawal. A person with alcohol dependence has an increased tolerance to alcohol or symptoms of withdrawal after the stop of alcohol ingestion. People who are dependent on alcohol may spend considerable amounts of time drinking alcohol despite the fact that they are fully knowledgeable of the destructive characteristics of the drug. A person abusing alcohol begins to disregard his/her responsibilities in school, at work, or socially because of …show more content…
This means that the majority of alcohol abusers use alcohol because they cannot comprehend the negative effects it has. Inner-city people at a low socioeconomic level only see the relief of pressure that alcohol ensures. Recent studies show that all alcohol abuse is not environmentally exposed as was previously thought. There are genes found on the DNA strand that predispose children to abuse alcohol. Many of these children are sufferers of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). On the other hand, children who watch their parents abuse alcohol as youth are more than likely to repeat the exhibited actions later on in adulthood. Alcoholism is another alcohol disorder that is becoming widespread in the US. Many people consider alcoholism and alcohol abuse to be the same. However, a person who abuses alcohol does not crave alcohol or become dependent on it. The alcohol abuser has a pattern of excessive drinking that results in poor judgment and recurring social, legal, or professional consequences of the abuse. Prolonged alcohol abuse often leads to alcoholism. Although it is possible for men and women alike to abuse alcohol, in the United States, males are five times more likely to experience alcohol related disorders than females. Adolescents are at higher risk for alcohol abuse because of the tendency to binge

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