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Love and Suffering

The Aeneid by Virgil and Inferno by Dante are both works centering around adventures. In both of these adventures, love is intertwined with suffering. Why are love and suffering connected as such? In The Aeneid, Aeneas suffered a great deal and then was fated to lead his people to Italy and Rome. Aeneas "marries" the Queen of Carthage, Dido, who eventually kills herself out of despair. In Inferno, Dante is taken on a divine mission to see the depths and horrors of Hell. While in Hell, Dante stumbles upon and is intrigued by two lovers, Paolo and Francesca, who were tragically killed by Francesca’s husband, Gianciotti.

	In The Aeneid, Aeneas is on a journey to lead his people, the Trojans to a
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When Aeneas had to leave Carthage, he reasoned that he was not married to Dido and that he had no obligation to her. Dido, on the other hand felt that there was a commitment between her and Aeneas and that the experience that they shared meant that they were married. After Aeneas left Carthage, Dido killed herself on Aeneas’ funeral pyre by throwing herself on to Aeneas’ sword. When Aeneas saw Dido in Hell, Aeneas begged her to forgive him, but she didn’t answer him. Since Dido committed suicide and she refused to forgive Aeneas for wronging her, the love between them was tragic.

	Dido was a very significant character in The Aeneid. Dido represents both love and suffering. Aeneas and Dido shared a common bond. They both loved each other. Dido represents suffering because she died in the name of love, when she committed suicide. Aeneas consummated his marriage with her in the cave, however, knowing that he was fated to lead the Trojans to Italy and Rome, Aeneas was careless in starting a relationship with Dido. He then picked up and left Carthage, acting to the benefit of his countrymen. Dido belongs in The Aeneid as a character of love and suffering. Dido is an important character in The Aeneid because she illustrates how Aeneas behaved heroically. Aeneas has no choice in leaving because he was chosen by fate to lead the Trojans to Italy and Rome.

	In The Aeneid, Dido was a

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