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Adult learners are different than youth learners because they understand why is important for them to learn and they can integrate new information with past experiences enhancing the process and overcoming barriers like fears or behaviors. In this century higher education is occurring through internet too, by online courses that led the student to a diploma of the same value as the traditional one. Adult learners enrolling in online courses are increasing year after year and more traditional institutions are starting to use online education as a method to get new students. While internet-based instruction is not going to replace the traditional classroom is becoming an accessible road for those adults that want to receive their education. …show more content…
These intelligences complement one each other and usually they are used concurrently. Culture and biology play a large role in the development of intelligences (Gardner, 1983) because learning is the consequence of the synaptic connection between cells in different areas of the brain and the ability to do some task is directly proportional to the motivation to gain skills to perform it because society value all type of intelligences.
In order to get success adult learners have certain attributes that will motivate them to perform better. Between these characteristics are experience, result or goal oriented and problem centered. Adults have an accumulation of knowledge based on experiences they gain through out their lives. This knowledge could be related to work or previous education and they use it as a reference to learn something new that is going to improve their performance in other social roles. They are problem centered because they need to know why they are learning and how this learning is going to help them in the solution of a problem. Sometimes this problem could be a simple task or that they are looking for licenses or diplomas that will help them to achieve professional advancement. Usually when the decision to go back to school is taken they already know what goals the want to attain, that is why an

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